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Copper Market and Future Trends

March 21st 2014 22:09
Buy or Sell COPPER
The copper market may have seen in slip in past but it will be always advisable to buy copper during dip. The expertsí advice is to maintain with copper and not to sell and itís expected that copper may can meets it target for 420 but naturally more are favoring that it will be max up to 396.

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Copper Future and Market Trends

The copper with rising demand will soon cover all its back loses and maintain a steady trend in future. Presently copper market is extremely bearish. Most investors believes that the copper market price strength and for MCX holding and buying is more advisable.

Copper is good for long and should hold.
Excellent results possible by May month as copper sees bearish trend and after hitting 407 again will be back to 400-396.
Advisory by experts claims to maintain and keep buying if possible.

Copper Market Trend in India

March 12th 2014 22:33
The copper market is on upward trend and experts says the trend will be maintained for the next 3 years with rising demand from domestic and industrial markets.
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Today copper metal is best to invest after gold to yield best profits in the market. Those investors who invested three to six months before are reaping solid profits from their already made investments. The market will be stable and only possibility which can affect the price will be the any crisis in copper mining countries and as of now no such crisis is in vicinity in copper producing countries around world.

Copper metal is mostly imported in India from various countries mainly from African countries in form of cathode sheets. Copper scrap in small quantities is also imported from various sources around the globe. The price of copper depends upon the quality. Copper is traded both physically and online.


Sea Freight & Cargo Brokers

January 16th 2014 20:51

Sea Freight Brokers and Cargo Brokers available online

Maritime transportation of bulk cargoes are done through shipping overseas by ship. Today most of bulk movement of cargoes are done through sea routes. The dry bulk cargo brokers located at various location around the globe help ship brokers and sea freight brokers to arrange suitable cargo ships on time for international shipping of cargo on cheap freight options.

Shipping Lines keep direct contact with these registered shipping agents and ship brokers who arrange cargo for the arriving ship at port. Sea freight brokerage is done with vessel owner to match the require sea freight budget of the shipper / charterer.
Freight forwarding companies also plays important role in maintaining and providing all documentation along with port handling on behalf of shipper and charterer. The shipping company along with their shipping agents and cargo brokers maintain and update the laycan of cargo vessels at port.

The ship brokers and freight brokers services are available online. the professional and reputed brokers help to ship cargo on time from any safe world port to another safe world port. These active cargo booking agents also maintain proper updated list of arriving ships at particular port which help them to select the perfect ship matching the cargo shipped.


commodity- ship loading at Indonesia

November 21st 2013 19:51
Coal Business from Semarang

Coal loading through barges are regular business procedure in concern to coal supply from Semarang, Indonesia

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Coal Business - INDIA

November 19th 2013 08:25
With the rise in demand for coal in India, new companies are daily getting opened by traders, financiers, facilitators, brokers for Coal business in India. Most of the so called companies opened by broker with negligible knowledge are not able to even complete there first three months and getting closed.

The coal business being a bulk commodity trade, is attracting maximum of the traders in India. It offers options for earning fat money in less time frame. Its not a matter of luck that any one can easily join the trade and can start earning from the day he stepped in.

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Coal Suppliers / Screened Coal - INDIA

November 16th 2013 15:00
Coal Supplying Services in India
Indonesian Coal is supplied mainly by the importers and traders. There are various qualities of coal traded in India. The coal imported in India is mainly of size 00mm to 50mm which is screened as per requirement. Most of the thermal power plants in India utilize coal of size 00mm to 20mm and steel plants may demand for coal of above 10mm or 20mm to 50mm.

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Mill Scale 70% Fe Content

September 22nd 2013 19:42

We render services for Mobile Crushers which includes Repairs, Spares Parts, Maintenance and also Operation.

Mobile Crusher Repair Services, Mobile Crusher Spare parts, Mobile Crusher maintenance, Mobile Crusher, India

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Tug Boat Services

June 2nd 2013 08:10

Tug Boat for port operations / Harbor Operation

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Factory for Sale in Scrap

April 6th 2013 12:30
Ferrous Metal Scrap For Sale
HMS Scrap in India, Re Rolling Scrap Metal, Factory for Sale in Scrap, Industrial Scrap, Ferrous metal Scrap, Recycling Scrap Metal, Scrap metal buyer, scrap metal yards, Local Scrap metal for sale, ready stock of scrap metal

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